Well, Dina Fitri Fauziah, she is my best friend, and today is her birthday. Honestly, I don’t know what kind of prizes I should give, so I think she quite loves my words, haha.

Maybe this is just some prize while we’re facing a very new world, new phase (a very important phase), but still in the same road… in the journey of being a thing we really want to be since we’re a kid: a doctor. Trust me, it is just not as simple as we thought before — new kind of people, new kind of troubles — it’s just harder. Alhamdulillaah, Allah still let us be together to face that all together πŸ™‚

after some thought, I’ve noticed one thing different in our friendship, is that nowadays we’re busy on our weaknesses

keeping asking weird thing (we’ll never ask to anyone else), trying hard to hear hurting-true-answer — eager to be better

the more time we’ve spent, the more we realize that is not easy to be a best friend

— since we used to want to be understood without words, to win without competing, to get anything without asking

but with you, with every destiny Allah given us, with every story we share together, i learnt that they are all impossible

I learnt that is important to be honest, to let some important thing to be other’s, to give to get more, to understand more

no one ever know will the next year come, so I think it’s better for just saying: thank you for being my best friend ^^

thank you for understanding my silence, for being that patient — facing stubborn me, for being true in every answer

well. last but not least, happy birthday ^^ thank you for being a very nice prize in my life ^^

so grateful to be a best friend of yours, barakallahu laki ukhtiy πŸ˜€

happy hunger games! and may the odds be ever in your favor #eh haha ^^v assalamu’alaikum warahamtulllahi wabarakatuh ^^

For always: may Allah let us be together again, in His jannah, aamiin πŸ™‚